Karashamb 2010, Tomb 300

General Info

  1. Chamber: rectangular, subterranean, natural burial, 1.70x 1.10 x 1.10 m.  
  2. The longitudinal axis is oriented north-southeast.  
  3. The tomb is covered by basalt slabs.  
  4. External structure: without a cromlech.
  5.  Human remains: only a single long bone was found in the camber.
  6. Burial goods: 4 ceramic vessels, 1 bronze needle, 1 bronze ring, cornelian beads.
  7. Additional information: the external structures of the tomb were destroyed. A bronze button was discovered on top of the basalt slabs covering the tomb.

Archaeological materials


1. Clay, wheel-made, punctated decoration
2. Early Iron Age
3. Lchashen – Metsamor 4
4. XI – IX c. BC

Ceramic Vessel  

1. Clay, hand-made, four-sided body, incised and embossed decorations
2. Early Iron Age
3. Lchashen – Metsamor 4
4. XI – IX c. BC


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