Karashamb 2013 - Tomb n.100

General Info

  1. Chamber: rectangular, subterranean, natural burial, 7.55 x 4.40 x 2.61 m.
  2. The longitudinal axis is oriented east-west.
  3. The tomb was not covered.
  4. External structure: the tomb is encircled by a basalt cromlech with a18.20 m diameter, in the eastern part there is a 8.35 m long adjoining structure, An upright 0.80 m tall basalt slab with a slanted top was placed at the junction of the cromlech and the processual path.
  5. The diseased:
  6. Burial goods: three ceramic vessels, a bronze dagger and vessel fragments, half of an iron knife blade with a folded tail.
  7. Additional information: the tomb was looted and heavily disturbed, no in situ contexts were recorded. Numerous pottery fragments, obsidian flakes, two carnelian beads, and three-finged iron artifact, and a stone polisher. The tomb was looted and heavily disturbed. No in situ contexts were recorded. 

Archaeological Materials


  1. Clay, two tone decoration motifs
  2. Middle Bronze Age
  3. Trialeti – Vanadzor 2
  4. XX – XIX c. BC 


  1. Bronze, cast, symmetrically narrow, sharp edges
  2. Middle Bronze Age
  3. Trialeti – Vanadzor 2
  4. XX – XIX c. BC