Karashamb 2015, Tomb 608

General Info 

1. Chamber: rectangular, subterranean, natural burial, 2.65 x 1.05 x 1.90 m.
2. The longitudinal axis is oriented northwest-southeast.
3. The tomb was covered with basalt and tufa slabs and large stones.
4. External structure: the tomb is encircled by a double circular basalt cromlech. The inner circle measures 6.10 m in diameter and the outer circle is 7.60 m in diameter. There is also an adjacent tomb in its northern section.
5. Human remains: male over the age of 35, his head was oriented to the north, legs bent and lying on his right side.
6. Burial goods: 2 ceramic vessels.
7. Additional information: the tomb was heavily looted, thus an in situ context was not recorded.


Archaeological Materials



1. Clay, hand-made, deep-set grooved belt
2. Late Bronze Age
3. Lchashen – Metsamor 1
4. XVI - XV c. BC


1. Clay, hand-made, punctured, dotted decorations
2. Late Bronze Age
3. Lchashen – Metsamor 1
4. XVI - XV c. BC


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